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[Sticky] Start Here - Forum Rules

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This forum was created to facilitate increased understanding and awareness of our rights and liberties as a people with a focus on property rights, land patents, and allodial title.  Self governance requires an increased maturity and responsibility for our actions.  Therefore, the rules of this forum are simple...  DO NO HARM.  

All views are encouraged but please keep comments and questions positive and solutions oriented. Complaining, harassing, discriminatory, or disrespectful comments are not welcomed and could lead to being banned from the site if excessive.

The information on this site will only benefit you if you have corrected your political status to a State National/Citizen.  There are many different opinions on how that can be accomplished.  Please be respectful of others in that regard. Check the forum topic on correcting your status for more information about that important first step.

Thank you,

- Admin